Children’s University Graduation – January 2018

I am pleased to confirm that we have an opportunity for pupils to attend the next Children’s University Graduation Ceremony; this is for all pupils who have achieved at least 30 hours from attending extra-curricular activities and these hours have been recorded in their passports.  The graduation will take place on the evening Tuesday 23rd January 2018; timings and venue will be confirmed at a later date.

Due to the volume of pupils that are eligible for graduation ceremonies across Southend, pupils will be able to attend graduations at the University for Bronze, Silver and Gold Award and then only the Gold at each subsequent level.  Bronze and Silver for these other levels can be awarded in our school assembly. Pupils will also only be able to attend one ceremony per academic year, so if they will achieve the next level by May it may be worth waiting for the next graduation.

Further information is available from the school office or see the full letter here.