Year 4 Visit to Old Leigh and Southend Pier

We will be taking Year 4 on a trip to Old Leigh and Southend Pier on Thursday 8th & Friday 9th March 2018 as part of our topic ‘Where can a journey take you?’  We will be exploring local history, visiting the Leigh Heritage Centre and journeying to the end of Southend Pier, and gathering inspiration for following artwork and creative writing projects about how our local area has changed over time. We will travel by train between Leigh and Southend.

4SB and 4JT will be going on their trip on Thursday 8th March 2018; 4AH and 4TF will be going on Friday 9th March 2018.

The children will need to bring a packed lunch and water bottle (in a bag they can comfortably carry all day) and wear weather appropriate clothing. School uniform will still be worn and please ensure they have a suitable jacket and footwear. If your child is entitled to free school meals and would like a packed lunch provided by the school, please indicate on the slip below.  Children will be able to bring a small amount of money, if they wish, to buy small gifts from Leigh Heritage Centre. A maximum of £5 please, which the children will be responsible for.

In order to cover the costs of train travel and access to Southend Pier, we are asking for a contribution of £6 towards the cost of the trip.  Please make payment using our on-line system, SIMs Agora.  If you have not registered for the on line payment system, please pop into the office and a member of staff will provide you with a reference number and instructions to get you signed up.

When organising school activities which will enrich the curriculum experience of the children, the school invites parents to contribute towards the cost. All contributions are voluntary, and unfortunately if we do not receive sufficient contributions, we will have to cancel this visit.   If you are unable to contribute financially please inform your child’s teacher by letter. Please complete the reply slip and return to your child’s teacher by Friday 2nd March 2018.

We will need some parents/carers to help with this trip, which will last for the whole school day. If you are available to assist please indicate on the slip in the letter.

Year 4 Visit to Old Leigh and Southend Pier Mar 18