Photo and Video Permission

At Chalkwell Hall Junior School we sometimes take photographs of pupils. We use these photos in the school’s prospectus, on the school’s website, on the school’s Twitter and Facebook pages, on the weekly newsletter and on display boards around school. We may, sometimes, also take video recordings of children taking part in school activities or when the children are on residential trips, which we use in class or assemblies and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


Every year we also provide the opportunity for you to purchase individual photographs of your child and class photographs, these are taken by external photographers.


We would like your consent to take photos or video recordings of your child, and use them in the ways described above. If you’re not happy for us to do this, that’s no problem – we will accommodate your preferences.  Please complete the slip on the letter and return to the school office.


If you change your mind at any time, you can let us know by emailing, calling the school on 01702 478570 or just popping in to the school office and speaking to a member of the office team.


Why are we asking for your consent again?


You may be aware that there are new data protection rules coming in from May. To ensure we are meeting the new requirements, we need to re-seek your consent to take and use photos and videos of your child. We really value using photos and videos of pupils, to be able to showcase what pupils do in school and show what life at our school is like to parents and the wider community, so we would appreciate you taking the time to give consent again.


Please return the reply slip on the letter by Tuesday 5th June 2018.  If you have any other questions, please get in touch.


photo and video permission ltr may 18