Newsletter – 7th September 2018

Welcome back everyone and a particulary special welcome to all the new members of the Chalkwell Junior School family.  It was fantastic to see all the children so happy to be back at school yesterday (almost as happy as some of the parents on the gate!), excited to spend time with their friends in their new classes and it certainly looks as though everybody has settled into their new routines. School is already full of energy with events coming up in the form of Roald Dahl day and Year 5’s nuclear race next week – it’s like we’ve never been away and we are looking forward to another successful year in and outside of the classroom!


We can officially welcome Miss Winders and Mrs Robinson to our teaching team in Years 5&6 respectively and Miss Barns, Mrs Pradhan and Miss Murray to our Learning Support Assistants team.


We can also say congratulations to Mrs Dubouchet (formerly Miss Hamilton) who got married over the holidays.


Clubs will be up and running again on Monday with a very high percentage of our pupils taking part in before school, lunchtime or after school clubs. Please remember that if your child didn’t get exactly what they wished for, we will be rotating the clubs each term so that as many children as possible get a chance to have a go at trying out new things. My thanks as always goes to our brilliant team for giving up so much of their free time to give the children the opportunity to take part in so many extra-curricular activities. Please make sure that if your child cannot attend an after school club, for whatever reason, that you send a note in or ring the office so that we don’t have to chase around looking for them at the end of the day. 11+ club will be back on for the next 2 Wednesday mornings with myself and Mr Maskell ahead of the test on the 21st September.


Next Thursday is Roald Dahl Day and we are inviting children to join in in a variety of ways which gives a few more options if they don’t fancy dressing up. You should be receiving a letter from Mrs Walkom today. There is a brilliant website for children and parents to learn more about Roald Dahl and play around with characters from the books:


For those new to the school, we try to communicate as well as we possibly can with our community via our parent email system, paper letters, twitter updates  and also via facebook . We have had some technical issues with Capita (the company that provides the majority of schools with their Information Management and online payment systems) so online payments may not work until next week but feel free to send cash in to the office in the meantime or just wait until next week. If you aren’t already signed up for email communications or our on-line payments system, please see the school office.


Lastly, a reminder that we have our final Year 6 Kingswood residential Meeting next Wednesday at 6:30pm in the lower hall.


Healthy Schools

Having picked up a number of non-recyclable crisp packets from the playground already, I thought it might be a good time to remind our whole community that we are officially a “Healthy School” and, whilst we don’t want to be the lunchbox and snack police, we would ask you to take note of the following from our school prospectus:


Please encourage your child to eat healthily by providing them with a lunch that supports a balanced diet with plenty of variety and provides enough energy for satisfactory growth and development, that contains plenty of fruit and vegetables, and does not contain sugary foods and drinks or is high in saturated fats (e.g. crisps and chocolate). You may like your child to have a mid-morning snack. We welcome fruit or vegetables, but we ask you not to send your child in with sweets, crisps, chocolate, gum or nuts.


Our aim is to educate children in healthy lifestyle choices that they can make while they are with us and beyond and part of that is about choice of snacks. Teachers will remind children about packed lunch choices with snacks throughout the year and the vast majority of the food sent in to school is exemplary in this regard – thank you for giving the same message. Our Eco Warriors team will be in touch soon with a project about recycling too so watch this space!



 Dates for your diary 2018-2019
Roald Dahl day 13th September 2018
Year 6 residential trip meeting 12th September 2018 at 6:30pm
Year 6 residential trip 24th -28th September 2018
Parent/teacher consultations 15th & 17th October 2018
4JW class assembly Thursday 18th October 2018 at 2:30pm
Non pupil day Monday 29th October 2018
6AD class assembly Thursday 8th November 2018 at 2:30pm
Non pupil day Thursday 20th December 2018


Thank you for your continued support.