Newsletter – 14th September 2018

With Roald Dahl Day, a Nuclear Race, Year 6 residential preparations and clubs starting up this week, it’s like we’ve never been away!

Roald Dahl Day was, as ever, really well supported and a lot of fun. Some great outfits and creations by staff and children alike in celebration of one of our favourite authors.


Year 5 are off having a blast and getting filthy at the Nuclear races today – I’m sure there will be some cracking pictures to share next week!


Our new Year 3 children have really settled in well and are up and running at full steam with their new classes and new topics. It’s great to see how keen and excited they are to be in school and we are looking forward to a really successful year with them. On Tuesday, an exciting discovery was made in the vegetable plot in the playground. The year 3s were tasked with trying to identify the unknown objects that are rumoured to belong to a prehistoric creature. Further investigations are ongoing!

Our Capita software is up and running again so you should be able to do all your payment transactions on-line now. We do prefer all payments to be made on-line as it makes life easier in the office, however, if you are having trouble accessing SIMs Agora, please re-register so that you sign in through the ‘sign in with SIMs ID page’.  Please follow the process on page 3 of the ‘SIMs Agora for Customers’ guidance document, ‘Registering an Account’, which can be found on the school website at:  Please let a member of the office staff know if you continue to experience issues logging in.


Finally, a photo with a bit of local good news in our area with one of our pupils helping to open a little free library!

Attendance matters

In our first full week of this academic year there were only 6 instances of children arriving late to school. That’s a great start to the year – thank you!


 Dates for your diary 2018-2019
Year 6 residential trip 24th -28th September 2018
Year 3 trip to Thorndon Country Park 24th September 2018
Year 4 Bikeability Level 1 24th or 25th September 2018
Individual Photographs 2nd October 2018
PTA Curry Night 2nd October 2018
Year 4 trip to Belchamps 8th October 2018
Parent/teacher consultations 15th & 17th October 2018
4JW class assembly Thursday 18th October 2018 at 2:30pm
HALF TERM 22nd October 2018 to 26th October 2018
Non pupil day Monday 29th October 2018
6AD class assembly Thursday 8th November 2018 at 2:30pm
Non pupil day Thursday 20th December 2018


Thank you for your continued support.