Medieval Workshop Day – 10th January 2019


Next term, Year 6‘s topic will be ‘A Street Through Time’, which will explore Medieval History from the Roman period through to the Tudor period. On Thursday 10th January 2019, we will be having a medieval workshop where the children will have the opportunity to learn more about history during this period


To gain the most out of this day, we would like the children to dress up as a person from this era and give themselves a medieval name. Suggestions from the workshop company as to what the children could wear and names that were popular during this time were sent out as a hard copy. Please note, it can be as simple as a shirt with a belt!  Although in medieval times it was normal practise for people to have weapons, we are absolutely not encouraging this and any weapons, handmade or plastic, will be confiscated.


Our workshop team will lead a variety of activities for the classes to participate in on the day, which will feed into their remaining lessons for the rest of the term.


Thank you for your continued support.