Parent Governor Election



I am writing to you to invite you to stand for election as a parent governor, or nominate another parent to do so. In our school we have provision for two parent governors and there is currently 1 vacancy.


Nominations can only be accepted from parents or carers who have children registered at the school on the day that nominations close.


The Governing Body, with the Headteacher, has overall responsibility for the running of the school. The role of a school governor is to contribute to the work of the Governing Board (GB) in ensuring high standards of achievement for all children and young people in the school by:


  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school, its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


The role of governor can be demanding but very rewarding.  Parent governors serve a 4 year term of office and under usual circumstances, can expect to spend between 5 and 10 days a year on governance duties.  These include:


  • attending meetings of the GB, usually outside of school hours and contributing to GB business;
  • reading reports and papers and keeping up to date on the progress that the school is making; and
  • visiting the school from time to time during the school day.


You will be expected to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, sign a governors’ Code of Conduct and have:


  • a strong commitment to the role and improving outcomes for children
  • the inquisitiveness to question and analyse;
  • the willingness to learn;
  • good inter-personal skills;
  • appropriate levels of literacy in English; and
  • sufficient numeracy skills to understand basic data.


In addition to the above, we would particularly welcome nominations from parents with any of the following skills: school budgets, school assessment, health & safety or HR experience. Training is available for all governors and the GB has an expectation that those new to school governance attend the free induction training.


The enclosed sheet summarises the circumstances under which someone cannot serve as a governor. In addition, parents/carers who have paid employment in the school for 500 or more hours in any consecutive 12 month period or who are elected members of the Local Authority are not eligible to stand in these elections.


If you would like to stand for election please complete the enclosed nomination form and return it to the school no later than Thursday 31st January 2019. You may also include a personal statement to support your nomination.  There is no limit on the length of this statement, however, we encourage candidates to be succinct when setting out the skills, experience and attributes that they can bring to the GB to support their nomination. Self-nominations will be accepted, but if you are nominating another parent please seek their prior consent.


If there are more nominations than vacancies the election will be by secret ballot on 15th February 2019. If a ballot is necessary, voting papers will be sent to all parents together with details of the ballot procedure.


To find out more about our school’s governing body (ie frequency of meetings etc) and the GB’s code of conduct please contact Mrs Leaback.



NOMINATION FORM for the election of parent governors


Please enter IN BLOCK LETTERS the name and address of the person being nominated for election:


Name: ____________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________




Signature of person nominated: ________________________________________________


Signature of proposer (if different to nominee): ____________________________________


Child’s name and class:  _____________________________________________________


Please complete your personal statement on the reverse of this nomination form.  There is no limit on the length of this statement, however, we encourage candidates to read the nomination letter carefully, to be succinct when setting out the skills, experience and attributes that they can bring to the governing board to support their nomination. 


Your personal statement will be provided to each person who is eligible to vote.


Completed nomination forms must be returned to the school by 31st January 2019.



Personal Statement:











I wish to submit my nomination for the election of parent governor.


I confirm (i) that I am willing to stand as a candidate for election as a parent governor and (ii) that I am not disqualified from holding office for any of the reasons set out in the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012.









Qualifications and disqualifications to serve as a school governor


A governor must be aged 18 or over at the time of his/her election or appointment and cannot hold more than one governorship at the same school.

A person is disqualified from holding or from continuing to hold office as a governor of a school at any time when the person is a registered pupil at the school.

A parent is disqualified from election as a parent governor if they are serving as a governor in another governor category at the same school unless they resign their current governor position.

A person is disqualified from holding or continuing to hold office as a governor if he or she:

  • is subject to a bankruptcy restrictions order, an interim bankruptcy restrictions order, a debt relief restrictions order or an interim debt relief restrictions order;
  • has had his/her estate sequestrated and the sequestration has not been discharged, annulled or reduced;
  • is subject to:
    • a disqualification order or disqualification undertaking under the Company Directors Act 1986
    • a disqualification order under the Companies Directors Disqualification (Northern Ireland) Order 2002
    • a disqualification undertaking accepted under the Company Directors Disqualification (Northern Ireland) Order 2002
    • an order made under section 429(2)(b) of the Insolvency Act 1986 (failure to pay under a county court administration order);
    • a direction of the Secretary of State under section 128 of the Education and Skills Act 2008
  • is barred from regulated activity relating to children in accordance with section 3(2) of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006;
  • has been removed from the office of charity trustee or trustee for a charity by an order made by the Charity Commission or Commissioners or High Court on the grounds of any misconduct or mismanagement in the administration of the charity, or under section 34 of the Charities and Trustees Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 from being concerned in the management or control of any body;
  • is included in the list of people considered by the Secretary of State as unsuitable to work with children (under section 1 Protection of Children Act 1999);
  • is disqualified from working with children or subject to a direction under section 142 of the Education Act 2002;
  • is disqualified from working with children under sections 28,29, or 29A od the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000;
  • is disqualified from registration under Part 2 of the Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 for child minding or providing day care;
  • is disqualified from registration under Part 3 of the Childcare Act 2006;
  • has received a sentence of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) for a period of not less than 3 months (without the option of a fine) in the 5 years before or since becoming a governor;
  • has received a prison sentence of 2½ years or more in the 20 years before becoming a governor;
  • has at any time received a prison sentence of 5 years or more;
  • has been convicted under section 547 of Education Act 1996 (nuisance or disturbance on school premises) or under section 85A of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 (nuisance or disturbance on educational premises) during the 5 years prior to or since appointment or election as a governor;
  • is employed at the school for more than 500 hours in any twelve consecutive months if wishing to stand for parent governor at the same school;
  • is an elected member of the Local Authority;
  • has refused a request by the clerk to the governing body to make an application under section 113B of the Police Act 1997 for a criminal records certificate;
  • has been disqualified from holding office as a governor of this school due to failure to attend governing body meetings for a continuous period of six months without the consent of the governing board.






Qualifications and disqualifications to serve as a school governor Jan 19

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