World Book Day

World Book Day is rapidly approaching (Thursday 7th March 2019) and plans are afoot for celebrations and activities within school!


The theme of the day is ‘Wrap a Book in Words’ and, as the children did such a fantastic job of dressing up for Roald Dahl day last year, and we have a pyjama day coming up to raise money for Red Nose Day, we have decided to give you an alternative for dressing up as your favourite book character.


We would like children to choose their favourite book from home and wrap it in a piece of paper. We would then like it to be decorated with words and phrases to give clues about the book inside (great for developing summary skills!) Be as creative as possible: add little illustrations, use paints, pastels, pens, jewels, feathers, etc! These wrapped books will then be used within class for the children to try to guess the book inside. Each class will then hold a secret vote to decide on the wrapped book that has the best clues and is the most attractive. One name from each class will then go forward into a Lower School and an Upper School draw to win a £10 book voucher. Competition winners will be announced in Celebration Assembly.


We are, of course, happy for anyone who wishes to come in dressed as their favourite book character on the day to do so, but the main focus of our day is the activity above (far cheaper and easier to complete at home than buying/making a new costume!).


Your child will come home with a World Book Day voucher, see the back for details on how/where to spend it. The official website is also definitely worth a glance. There are book trailers and videos to watch, competitions to enter and lots of wonderful ideas for futures reads.