Big Battery Hunt

We are pleased to announce that we are launching the ‘Big Battery Hunt’.


We feel that recycling batteries is really important because when batteries start to rot away, in landfill sites, the chemicals from them may leak into the ground, which can cause soil and water pollution. When chemicals contaminate soil and water, animals, humans and the environment can be harmed.


As part of the ‘Big Battery Hunt’, every child will be bringing home a box, so that your household can collect all of your used batteries.


The ‘Big Battery Hunt’ will not only help us to help the environment, but also as a result of the school entering the competition, it will be entered into a draw with the chance of winning:


  • A 2-night class trip to the sustainability centre
  • A 3-year subscription to MyMaths worth £1,000
  • £2000 worth of school equipment vouchers
  • iPads
  • Certificates and trophies


When your box is full, bring it to the school office where you can empty it into our school’s collection point. You can keep on collecting until 10th May 2019.


Thank you so much for your support.