Y2 transition arrangements to Year 3 – classroom arrangements

Next week sees the start of transition activities for the current Year 2s, as they begin to get used to their new surroundings for September. As you may remember from last year, part of the transition arrangements are that each Year 2 class will spend two days in a Year 3 classroom with their own teachers.


To accommodate this, the Year 3 classes will be swapping places with the Year 2s and being taught in the Infants classrooms. Each class will be based at the Infants for two days. They will continue with their Junior school day with their normal teachers, just in a different location.


On these days, your child will need to arrive for registration in their Infant classroom, and be collected from there at the end of the day. Please see below for details of which days and classrooms your child will be in.


Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th June

3GT will be in Mexico classroom
3NM will be in Jamaica classroom
3GB and 3AH collected from the Juniors as normal


Thursday 27th and Friday 28th June

3GB will be in India classroom
3AH will be in Egypt classroom
3GT and 3NM collected from the Juniors as normal


The Infant classrooms for Mexico and Jamaica are in the nearest two demountables at the back of the playground. Class India and Egypt are in the main Infant building, near to the reception play area opposite the tree house.


On the days not listed above, everything continues as normal and children should be collected from their usual classroom.


Thank you for your continued support.