Book Bus – 18th July 2019

On Thursday 18th July 2019 the school will be visited by a ‘Book Bus’ that will be parked in the playground all day. Children will be able to visit during the day to browse and purchase books, a suggested amount to bring in is £5.00. As the bus is with us for one day, only children that have bought in money will be able to visit during the school day.  Parents/Carers will be able to visit after school to browse and make purchases with infant and junior children.


The book prices are heavily discounted, up to 75% off publisher’s prices and they will accept cash, credit or debit cards. Parents can also order books to be delivered at a later date. Any sales will generate commission for the school which will be used to purchase books for our library.


This is an interactive experience which will encourage and inspire a love of reading in your children and the commission on sales will be able to boost the stock for school library.


Thank you for your support.