Reading Volunteers


We have been running a very successful reading volunteer programme for a number of years as part of our drive to continue to raise standards in reading at Chalkwell Hall Junior School.  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered in the past.   We would again like to request volunteers to assist in listening to the children read. We have children who would benefit from the opportunity to read aloud more often to an adult to help develop their skills. Time is always precious at school and extra adults being available to listen to our children read would really boost their skills.


So that we can best fit volunteers to the year groups where we can utilise them most effectively, could you please let us know which days and times you would be available to come in to school and how often by ticking the boxes in the table in the letter available below. Also, could you please indicate which class your child is in.  We do not place Parents/Carers in the same class, or even the same year group if possible, as their child as we find this can be disruptive for the child.


Once the replies have been received we will get back to you with dates that we would like you to come into school.


Thank you again for offering your time and we look forward to having you in school soon.


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