Science Studies in Year 6

During the week commencing 13th January 2020 pupils in Year 6 will be taught the Heart and Circulation unit of Human Biology in line with our Science studies.


Year 6 will learn about the circulatory system, the chambers of the heart and the blood. To support their studies the pupils will be given the opportunity to participate in a sheep heart dissection. In this activity, children will benefit from seeing the internal structure of the heart and become more familiar with the four main chambers: the left and right ventricles and right and left atria.


The sessions will be strictly supervised and the pupils will be supplied with protective goggles and gloves. Children will have the opportunity to ask questions so that we can address any concerns or worries that they may have, as well as having an opportunity to write about what they already know about the heart.


We are fully aware that this activity will not suit all of the children but it is a wonderful opportunity for those that do wish to take part. Activities based around the circulatory system will be provided for those children that do not wish to participate.


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact a member of the Year 6 team.


Please complete the slip on the letter to give your consent to your child participating in this unit of work.


Thank you for your continued support.


Heart Dissection ltr Dec 19