Newsletter – 27th March 2020

For those of us that have to be in school or other places of work, this is certainly a very different environment at the moment and I hope everyone who is able/has to stay at home is well and keeping safe in these difficult times.


We have a small number of children in school who we are keeping busy along similar lines to the list of possible activities on our website


New activities and links will be added to our website and shared on Facebook to help keep your children stimulated, engaged and learning at home while we can’t be open.


Social media can play an enormous part in keeping us connected at times like this but please don’t be under pressure to have the tightest, most rigorous schedule and feel you have to share amazing projects that your children have created each day. Your new job as home school teachers, whilst working from home at the same time in many cases, is hard enough. If you want to have that routine and fixed times with a schedule of lessons because that works for your family then go for it, but if something else works for you and your children then go for that too!


If you want to play Monopoly one day rather than do the maths, give your children the chance to watch a whole series of Blue Planet, teach them how to hoover or cut in around windows and skirting boards because you suddenly have free labour, have a water fight in the garden because it is sunny, build a fort, bake a cake, whatever – then do it!


If your children have had lots of interesting conversations, read lots of books, played lots of games, discovered something amazing because of David Attenborough and are still happy, curious, confident and kind then, when this is all over and we get everyone back together, they will be in a fantastic position to carry on with whatever comes next at school.


Stay safe and look after each other, we will see you all soon.