Letter to the children from Mr Linfield

Hi guys,


I usually write a newsletter once a week to your parents and carers but I didn’t have much to tell them and I was missing you lot so I thought I’d write to you instead!


It’s been nearly 4 school weeks that most of you have been at home rather than here now and we really miss you. I am here every day doing all the boring bits of my job like sorting out budgets, paperwork and having meetings but I’m not getting to do the best bit which is spending time with you on trips, in the playground, in class or playing things like dodgeball! We have some children in school every day who can’t stay at home so we do have a few here to keep us entertained. The government have asked us to keep as many people at home as possible so we only have a few teachers in school at any one time (just enough to look after the few children we have) which means it’s a lot quieter here than usual.


I know it must be frustrating not being able to come to school (you know you miss us really!) or being able to go and play with your friends when you want to, but we are all doing this together as a team to help protect everyone that is at risk.


One thing that I’d like you to have a think about while you aren’t in school is our core values (bottom of the page – please don’t tell me you’ve forgotten them already!) and how you can make sure that you are meeting them while you are at home. There are plenty of opportunities for you to show just how responsible, respectful and cooperative you are with the people that look after you – adults will be feeling frustrated at times too and you can help them by lending a hand around the house even if it just means tidying your bedroom when you are asked. I did say to your parents and carers a while ago they could make use of you to do jobs like help paint the house and hoover so if you have been turned into domestic servants over the last few weeks you can blame me not them!


In terms of school work, everyone will be doing what they can so don’t worry what your friends are or are not doing; your family will decide what is right for you and you need to help out by cracking on with it when you are asked. Your teachers have also put some other ideas for things to do on our website that aren’t maths and English work so you might want to check that out.


Other than being an egg for your amusement, my life goes on pretty much as normal. I am missing football, cricket, being able to go fishing and you guys but I’m hopeful we will be able to see each other again soon and get back to doing the things we love with the people we love.


Take care, stay safe and be nice to those looking after you.