Newsletter – 6th May 2020

With announcements imminent and speculation about easing the lockdown and returning to schools rife, I wanted to write to update you on where we are here at school.


We have had no indication at all from government about their plans regarding if, when or how they aim to reopen schools for any of the age groups.


For me to assume anything at this stage would be pure speculation so, like you, I will be waiting to hear what is said in the briefings over the weekend and then we will start planning our response from that point on.


We are continuing to be open for children of key workers and others who need to be here, staying in regular contact with our more vulnerable pupils and we are still producing lots of face shields for frontline workers near and far (somewhere in the region of 7000 now thanks to the hard work of our staff in school and donations from members of our local community!).


I’d like to apologise for any frustrating delays in receiving or redeeming vouchers through the government’s Edenred FSM scheme. We have spent hours and hours trying to remedy problems with the system and most are now getting through.


A reminder to all is that our home learning material is on our website which you can find here We have provided, for those that wish to use it, a full timetable of daily lessons from The Oak National Academy in line with the National Curriculum that can be followed easily at home without needing to hunt down or choose your own activities. These are backed up with feedback guides and extension materials. There are plenty of other resources like that you can dip into, or you can do completely your own thing if that works for your family.


We’ll be here to do any catch up or support that is necessary whenever it is that the children start to come back into school. If you would like any support with your child’s learning, please remember you can contact your child’s class teacher on their class email address which is the class name followed by  e.g.


Our teachers will be sending a communication to the children again next week after we, hopefully, know a little bit more about what comes next.


I hope you can enjoy the bank holiday weekend and VE day on Friday. Here are a couple of links to VE day activities you may wish to have a look at, one national and one a bit more local.


Thank you for your continued support.