1st June plans for Year 6

We have been very busy this week working on plans to make sure that we are in a position to open safely to our Year 6 pupils (and an increased number of children of key workers) on 1st June if that proposed date goes ahead.


We have made arrangements for all Year 6 pupils to be in school at the same time. We will obviously need to reduce the class sizes for effective social distancing and will need to stagger the start and finish times of our days to make sure we do not have crowds of people in our limited outside spaces. All the Year 6 children will be taught by their class teacher and a different teacher in rotation for a week at a time.


The teachers will be splitting the classes in half based on their knowledge of the children and taking into account factors such as social, learning and behavioural needs so that the groups can be effectively taught and managed safely. Please do not send in requests for children to be with certain people or not others – we have many factors to consider in making this work, we would not be able to accommodate every request and will not be responding to them.


There will be many new rules and routines to follow and we will send you a full briefing on all of these next week when we will have finalised them in line with the ever changing, and sometimes contradictory, advice given to us by the government and the education unions.