Year 4 to Year 5 Transition

It is this time of the year that we start looking at arrangements for September. We have no hard and fast rules on this other than we look at each cohort every year and assess their needs to decide whether we leave them as they are or mix them up.


As Year 4 move into Year 5 we have the luxury of being able to have smaller classes of 24 rather than 30 giving children more space and time to have access to their teacher. We are not going to mix the classes fully as they have only been together as a group for a few months before the enforced school closures.


Normally, we ask the children in school to volunteer, either as individuals or groups, to move away from their existing class and into the new 5th class. This means children that are happy to move can volunteer to and those that would rather stay can also choose to – so they get to stay within groups they are happy with either way, which is hopefully win win!


Given the ongoing situation regarding partial school closures, we will be following a slightly different process for organising the classes. We are asking all Year 4 families to discuss with their child about what they would like to do next year: stay with the majority of their current class or leave with a small group from their class to make the 5th class with similar groups from the other classes.


Once your child has made their decision, email in their choice to stay or to move to their class teacher by 9am on Monday 8th June 2020. If they would like to move, could they please give a list of names (up to a maximum of 3) who they would like to move with.  Even if your child has no particular preference, then please just drop us a message to let us know or just to say hi, as we enjoy hearing from them.


The class emails are:


If, as parents, you have a particular view on who you may wish your child to be with/apart from then please can you add this to the email. However, please be aware that while we will try our best to accommodate as many requests as possible, we cannot make any guarantees on the final class groupings. We have to consider a wide range of factors, such as gender balances and ability ranges, and this sometimes means we cannot accommodate individual requests.


We advise you to make the best decision for your child’s learning and experience at school, even if this may be a different view to other families or may lead to the splitting up of an established friendship group. We are all too aware of the modern day pressures of social media and messaging groups, and we ask that you make the best decision for your child and support those around you by not pressuring them to share or discuss their responses.


Please rest assured that as a Year 4 team we have gotten to know and enjoy teaching the Year 4 cohort, and we will make our decisions on groupings based on our knowledge of your child and our professional experiences to make sure next year’s classes are set up to have a successful and enjoyable year.


I hope you and your child have a successful conversation about what they would like for next year, and we look forward to seeing your emails by 9am on Monday 8th June 2020.