11+ Papers for Year 5 pupils considering taking the 11+


We have purchased a set of 11+ practice papers for maths and English from one of our local 11+ tutoring companies so that you do not need to. These are written in the same style as the CSSE test.


Please find below a maths and an English paper, along with the answer schemes, for your child to have a go at.


Maths test June 2020

English test June 20


We cannot share the most recent CSSE past papers from the last couple of years with you electronically because of copyright (they are available to purchase on the CSSE website) but there are free older ones on their website at https://csse.org.uk/.


Some other resources you may wish to have a look at are:



(you have to sign up but it is free)



not exactly the same as the CSSE 11+ style but useful all the same and plenty to pick from



again, not all exactly in the same style as the CSSE 11+ but a vast range to choose from (different authors such as CGP and GL) so there will be something for everyone.