Year 6 PG Rated Film

Our topic this term focuses on the differences between World War One and World War Two. We would like to watch the film, entitled ‘Sgt Stubby: An Unlikely Hero’.  It is an animation, based on a true story, in which a dog called Stubby joins a US regiment on World War I battlefields.


The film has been rated a PG on the British Board of Film Classification due to the following reasons:



There are several scenes of trench warfare, including a scene in which a grenade explodes injuring a dog, and a scene in which a dog grabs a German spy who pulls a knife on him. There is no injury detail.



There are scenes in which poisoned gas is fired, causing gas clouds to drift over trenches and a nearby town. There are derogatory terms based on nationality (eg ‘boche, ‘froggy”). The use of such terms is not condoned. There is also infrequent very mild bad language (for example, ‘moron’)


Having watched the film, we are confident that the above content is sparse and it would give them a greater understanding of the role of animals, particularly dogs, in World War One.


We would like to stress to you all that the conversations about life during the war are being had with the children and we are answering any questions that they may have with due care and sensitivity.


If you would like any more information on the film, or would like to see the trailer, please find the link below.


For those of the children who are not in school and would like to watch from home, please note that the film is available to purchase on Amazon Prime.


If you are not comfortable with your child watching the film, please let your child’s class teacher know via their class email by Monday 15th June 2020. These can be sent using the following email addresses:


Thank you for your continued co-operation.