Newsletter – 18th June 2020

We have seen a sharp increase in the number of children of key workers returning to school, as more and more businesses get back up and running, and it has been a pleasure to welcome them back. Thank you to all the key worker parents who have let us know in advance of their child’s return to school, it makes it a lot easier to plan.


The government have given us a little flexibility in saying we can take more children if we have room but we are still working under the directive of accommodating key workers and more vulnerable children and then Year 6 pupils before we can consider allowing any more year groups in to school. Because we need to have reduced numbers in each group, we now have 10 classes of year 6 children and 7 classes of key worker/more vulnerable children which means we aren’t going to be in a position to invite any extra year groups in before the end of term.


I would love to have been in a position to welcome back other year groups as a whole or in rotation but we simply do not now have the space to accommodate them. With the limited space that we have left we are working on bringing in those that need it most first, those who do not tick the government’s official vulnerable list but those who we know and have been working with who may be more at risk than others.


We share your frustrations with everyone not being able to attend school. Teachers want to see their classes and we know that the children would love to be able to see their teachers and their classmates in person.


We are trying to up our level of engagement over this half term with teachers making more regular videos and encouraging children to stay engaged with their learning so we hope that will make things easier at home. The current situation can certainly feel isolating for some so we will be sending out activities to try and get more of our children engaged with school and try to get back a bit of our community feeling by having some whole school shared tasks to enjoy.


The lessons provided through the Oak Academy are great for keeping up with maths and English but nothing compares to being part of a classroom and, in turn, part of a whole school. We are seeing that and we are trying to find ways to help everyone feel more included. Please get in touch with your class teachers if you need any more support.


Mr Linfield