Newsletter – 25th June 2020

We were delighted to hear the news that we can look forward to all pupils returning full time in September. We have just under 200 pupils regularly in school at the moment, with all our classrooms in use because of the restrictions for class sizes, but it will be fantastic to get back to something nearing normality in the new term.


For parents who are collecting children at the end of the day, could I please ask that you follow the one way system through the playground and move on swiftly as crowds are starting to gather now we have a lot more children and it is making distancing a little tricky.


You will receive a video tomorrow from your child’s new class teacher for September. Their current teachers have already passed on lots of information to each new class teacher so they are all prepared for the new year. If you have any questions or would like to make contact to update them ahead of September with any new additional information you think might need sharing please do so through the email address given in the video.


We have distributed transition packs to our Year 6s where they have been sent to us by the secondary schools. If you haven’t been sent anything yet please check the individual school’s website.


We are aware that many 11+ summer camps may not be able to run during the holidays so we will be running one ourselves for Year 5 pupils who are considering taking the selection test in the Autumn term. We will send you a sign up letter with dates and other details next week. The CSSE have released an update for Year 5 parents on their website with their preferred options for the test, including possibly moving the date if they get permission from the DfE.


We are working on putting together learning materials for the summer holidays, for those who wish to keep their home learning going, and we will send out more information about this shortly. We have strong links to external tutoring companies that we use for certain groups of children already and we will be looking to expand on this in the Autumn term alongside intervention work in small groups in school to help children catch up where necessary.


The Year 6 PGL trip that was planned for September has been moved to the Summer term of 2021. We do not know if we would have been allowed to attend or indeed how many would still want to attend in September and we wanted to avoid any uncertainty this may have caused so it has been moved to July 2021 (not in transition week) at no extra cost to parents. We will send out more details in the new academic year.


As for the Year 3&4 PGL trip, we have been working with our own insurers and are now in a position to give you back the money that PGL really ought to have refunded in the first place. It’s a lot of cheques to write, so please be patient with us as the finance team get them sorted over the next week or so. When we are back in the new academic year, we will have a look at the options we have for replacing what is always a brilliant trip.


It would have been sports day next week so Mr Robinson and Mr Smale will be sending out a sports day challenge with different activities that children can have a go at at home. Children from all year groups can take part in the activities if they would like to and score points for their house teams which will be collated and an overall house winner announced once all the results are in.


Stay safe.