On-Line Activities – 25th June 2020


Over the last couple of weeks we have been sending out regular challenges and activities for your children to attempt while at home, alongside the weekly messages from their class teachers.


The challenges are released via our Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/chalkwellhall) and YouTube channel (search ‘Chalkwell Hall Junior School’). You do not need to have an account on either platform to view our content.


We hope you have enjoyed the range of challenges so far, from reading in unusual places to learning a magic trick or even trying to identify the school staff members from their baby photos, and we have many more lined up for you over the coming weeks – including our Virtual Sports Day next Tuesday (30th June).


Here is a spotlight on our latest challenges to go up this week:


National School Sports Week

This week is National School Sports Week and Active Essex have created daily challenges for everyone around the county to take part in. The challenges have covered very different areas, with juggling and Zumba among them, and support those of all abilities.  If you want to, you can film your challenges and share your achievements with us and we will pass them on to the organisers. More details can be found on their website https://bit.ly/NSSWEssex


Music lessons with Mr Winiberg

Mr Winiberg has been producing weekly music lessons every Thursday. You can find all the lessons so far on our YouTube Channel.


This week, Mr Winiberg’s music lesson is all about lyric writing. He plays ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana, then talks about the structure (verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse 2, pre chorus, double chorus). He then challenges you to write your own lyrics following that structure, and if you are feeling super confident to then sing your lyrics along with the track. Whether you write them down or sing them, please share your new songs with us.


This week’s lesson can be found here:  https://youtu.be/OsdIXDdUkUc


Learn a magic trick

Mrs Thompson plays the magical assistant to her son George as they set you a spell-binding challenge to learn and share a magic trick.


If you want to give the challenge a go, it can be found here: https://youtu.be/fyXxbo82QO4


Don’t forget to send us a message about how you are getting on with the challenges, about any learning you have been doing at home or if you have any questions or problems you may be having. These messages can be sent in via the class email accounts (e.g. 4GW@chalkwellhall.co.uk).


Good Luck!