Virtual Sports Day – Today

Today (30th June 2020) we are holding a Virtual Sports Day, on the date that would have been our Sports Day over in Chalkwell Park. Sports Day is always one of the big events that many pupils look forward to in the summer term, and we hope you can all join in from home with the events this year. So put on your team colours and you are ready to go!


Mr Robinson and Mr Smale have put together 5 events that you can complete at home. They require no specific equipment, and you can be recording your scores as you go along. Those scores can then be sent in to school via the child’s class email address (e.g. along with any pictures or videos of you taking part. We have provided an example score sheet below if you wish to use it. If you miss doing it on Tuesday, you have until Friday morning to complete the tasks and send them in.


The Virtual Sports Day Challenges are listed below with a video explaining each task:


  1. Speed bounce:
  2. Keep the paper in the air:
  3. Aim at a target:
  4. Sit ups:
  5. Press ups:


The scores sent in will be collated and a winning team calculated. There will also be an award for the house that gets the most people taking part and sending in their results, as sports day is more about everyone taking part as a team than the individual highest scores.


The winning team will be announced on Friday, alongside the results of our other inter-house competitions that we are holding this week. Please check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel for more details on the challenges.


Good Luck!


The CHJS Team




Event Score
1. Speed Bounce

Scoring: Number of bounces in 60 seconds

2. Keep the paper in the air

Scoring: number of hits before it hits the floor

3. Aim at a target 2m away

Scoring: How many go in (10 attempts max)

4. Sit ups

Scoring: Number complete in 1 minute

5. Press ups

Scoring: Number complete in 1 minute