Headteacher Recruitment Update

I would firstly like to welcome you back to school on behalf of the Governing Body. It has certainly been a more challenging start to a school year given the new rules and regulations, but I am proud of how our whole school community has adapted so quickly.


Secondly I would like to update you on where the Governing Body is up to regarding the recruitment of a new Headteacher, in order to provide clarity over what has been going on ‘behind the scenes.’


With any Headteacher vacancy in an Infant or Junior school, it is Southend Borough Council’s policy to discuss whether there is a need for amalgamation of the two schools at this time. They are meeting to discuss this next week on Tuesday 15th September, and once we have their decision then the governing body will proceed in one of two ways. Please note, this is not a final decision on the process, only to decide whether it is a process worth further exploration.


If the decision is made to continue as we are, and not to consult regarding amalgamation, then we will continue with the normal process to recruit a Junior Headteacher and we will share timelines etc as appropriate.


If the council seek to consult over amalgamation, then both we and the Infant school will begin a formal, four week process that will seek the views of parents, staff and the local community before making a final decision on whether to amalgamate.


In either scenario, Mr Hanshaw and Mr Birkinshaw will continue in their roles as Acting Head and Acting Deputy Head until permanent appointments are made.


I would like to thank them for stepping up in this challenging time and helping to make the return to school a successful one for our pupils and families.


I will be in touch, on behalf of the governing body, in the near future with any further updates to the process.


Yours sincerely,



Tony Moltino

Chair of Governors