Newsletter – 25th September 2020

I cannot believe that we are at the midway point of the first half term already! It is great to see the children are still coming to school with smiles on their faces. We are at a point where the weather is starting to turn inclement. To remain as fit and healthy as we possibly can, please ensure that your child wears the appropriate outer clothing and that you drop your child off within the 10-minute window, so that we can continue to run a smooth, staggered entry time. If it helps with the morning run, please drop off all siblings to school at the end of the earliest sibling’s time slot.


Our number one priority as a school since our return in September has been to focus on the wellbeing of all pupils, staff and families. We are always looking for ways that we can tweak our plans and routines to make small positive steps forward wherever possible. Now that the pupils have all settled in and have done a good job of adjusting to the new measures and expectations, we are looking to make three small but important changes to the daily routines from Monday.


Firstly, we are now in a position to create a fifth playground space to allow all of Year 5 & 6 classes out at the same time every day. We are confident the classes know the expectations around not crossing bubbles and the pathways around the playground, we can create a 3rd space within the netball courts.


Secondly, we are going to extend our morning breaks for all year groups to 20 minutes. Our small site limits our opportunities to extend breaks fully back to where they were pre-lockdown whilst ensuring everyone’s safety. However, with routines settled down and pupils settling into learning quicker, we want to give them the chance to get as much time outside as we can. It is a careful balance of ensuring that we do not also impact significantly on their teacher-led learning time which so many missed out on during the lockdown. We want to reassure you that class teachers are always looking for other opportunities for short brain or movement breaks in the classroom or opportunities to take the learning outside.


Thirdly, we are reintroducing assemblies from next Monday, albeit in a different way to how they were run pre-lockdown. Assemblies are a hugely important part of school life as a collective sharing of positive stories, experiences and at time reminders of expectations. Having assemblies back will help the community feel of the school to grow again. In order to ensure your child and the safety of the whole class bubble, there will only be two classes (in Year 3/4) or three classes (in Year 5/6) in a hall at any one time, with at least a 2m gap between groups. The hall and classrooms windows are open allowing good airflow to further reduce any transmission risks.


Thank you to those who have continued to engage with Microsoft Teams and the homework. Just to reiterate, much the same as before the pandemic, if your child is at home unwell, there is no expectation to complete the ‘Home Learning Work’, therefore feedback will only be provided to those children who are unable to attend school because they are isolating due to the fact that someone in their bubble, or someone at home, has symptoms and is awaiting test results.


Attendance Matters.

Overall attendance this week is 96%.


Thank you for your continued support.