Consultation regarding Proposed Amalgamation

Following on from my letter in early September regarding where we as a school stand regarding the appointment of a new Headteacher, I can now provide you with a further update.


From today (Monday 12th October 2020) Southend Council are conducting a first stage survey of Chalkwell Hall Infant and Junior Schools parents, staff, governors and other stakeholders within the community to gauge the interest in a potential amalgamation of the two schools. The details of this can be found in the attached letter.


Stage One of the consultation process will run for 5 weeks, ending on Monday 13th November 2020. All views submitted to the council via the ‘Your Say Southend’ survey (link in the attached letter) will be considered and from there Southend Borough Council will decide to either:


  1. End the consultation process and both schools continue as they are. At which point, the process for appointing a permanent Junior Headteacher would begin.
  2. Continue to Stage 2 & 3 of the consultation if they feel the amalgamation would benefit all stakeholders. This part of the process would begin in January 2021, and would involve specific details of a potential amalgamation for September 2021 being shared.


The Local Authority have advised that staff and governors at both schools cannot make any formal comments on the proposal. To help inform everyone’s views, they have provided a tab on the consultation’s website under the title ‘More Information About This Consultation’.


As the Chair of Governors, I encourage all parents and staff members to take part in this process, so that Southend Borough Council have a clear picture of the views of our community.


Thank you for your continued support.



Tony Moltino


Consult – LA Letter to parents oct 20