School Closure for most pupils from Monday 4th January 2021


Firstly, I am sorry to have to interrupt your Christmas holiday, which I hope has so far been an enjoyable and healthy one for you and your family. However, given the government’s announcement yesterday, I wish to share information with you as soon as possible as this will have a significant impact on your plans for the coming weeks.


In line with government advice released on Wednesday evening, primary schools in Tier 4 areas with high local rates of Covid-19 transmission should only allow children of critical workers and those defined as vulnerable to attend school from Monday 4th January. Southend-on-Sea is listed as one of these areas.


As a result of this news, CHJS will not be fully open as was expected on Monday, and we will remain closed to most pupils until Monday 18th January at the earliest. A full reopening is dependent on the government’s review of the local case rates, and we will communicate any further information on this once it is announced.


The vast majority of our pupils must remain at home, where it is safest, and access remote learning via Microsoft Teams. Support for remote learning will be available via class teacher emails (e.g. ), or by phoning the school office. At the end of this letter, we have attached some key information on our remote learning offer to help families prepare and to answer some common questions.


We strongly encourage all critical worker families to consider whether their child can be cared for at home, where it is safest, for some or all of the week. The fewer children making the journey to school, and the fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society.


Attendance criteria

Children of critical workers
: Please consult the attached link to check if you are classed as a key worker


Vulnerable children:  Schools are advised to ensure vulnerable children continue to attend school where possible. Your child is classed as vulnerable if they have:

  1. An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Please note, this is not the same as an ISP, (the colourful sheet reviewed termly in school) and is a legal document created by Southend Borough Council. Mr Birkinshaw, the school’s SENCo, will contact these families directly in the coming days
  2. An allocated social worker


If you believe that your child is eligible for and will be attending school from Monday 4th January, please complete the form below as soon as possible, so that we can make appropriate arrangements in school.


CHJS Key Worker & Vulnerable Pupil Questionnaire – January 2021


Thank you for your understanding and patience.


CHJS Remote Learning – Key information


An overview of our offer

Our remote learning offer has been significantly changed since the previous lockdown last year. Daily assignments are now set via Microsoft Teams, and are adapted versions of the same lessons that would be taught in school on that day by our teachers at CHJS. Pupils have the ability to upload any work they have completed, so that their teacher can provide feedback to them on what they have done well and to help if your child is finding something tricky.


What will each day’s assignment look like?

Each day, your child will be set a maths, writing and reading activity, along with one other curriculum topic activity (such as science, art or geography). These will vary in length and difficulty depending on the year group and from day to day, as is normal in a school week.


Where required, teachers will set separate assignments for individuals on the SEND register who require an adapted or alternative curriculum in school. In this situation, your child may see two assignments, one personal and the general class lessons, but it will be made clear which is the one adapted for your child.


How long should my child be engaging with remote learning each day?

Every child is different but, as a rough guide, we expect that the daily assignments should take most pupils around 3 hours to complete in full. We are mindful to manage screen time, to allow for significant breaks and to allow flexibility for families to fit in learning where it may work best around adult’s working and family commitments.


When will assignments be released and when does work need to be submitted by?

Each day’s assignment will become visible from 8pm the night before. This is a recent change following feedback from families in bubbles who had to isolate, and has been made so that adults can be more prepared for the following day’s learning.


Work can be submitted up until 8pm on the day of the assignment, to allow extra time for parents to help their child upload any work they have completed. However, we strongly encourage work to be uploaded by 3.30pm if your child would like feedback from a teacher on the same day. Any work submitted after this time will also receive feedback from teachers, but this may be on the following day.


What if I encounter technical issues or do not have access to appropriate technology?
Should you encounter any technical issues accessing Teams, including limited or no access to the Internet or suitable devices to work on, it is really important that you contact the school office as soon as possible. This way, we can work with you to find solutions to the issue so that all our pupils can easily access our remote learning platform, should it be needed.


How can I set up access to Maths No Problem?

If you haven’t already set up access to Maths No Problem’s online textbooks, then please do not worry as you can still do so by following the link below and entering the correct code for your child’s year group. Please note, this link is to register for Maths No Problem, and once set up you should use the log in option and not this link each day.


Sign-up link:


Access Codes:               Year 3:            9QBUJHZ                       Year 4:            WZID4X9


Year 5:             LZU1565                       Year 6:            M52ZY6C


Families with children in more than one year group:         E6ERZRT


Where can I get more information on remote learning?

In September, we produced two videos about our remote learning offer. While some details may have changed slightly since then, they still provide a good ‘tour’ of the main features.


Introduction to Teams:

Daily assignments & Maths No Problem set up:


Support for remote learning will also be available via class teacher emails (e.g. ), or by phoning the school office on (01702) 478570.