11+ sessions on Teams

As your child is in Year 5 you will, no doubt, be very aware of the CSSE 11+ selection tests that will take place in Autumn 2021.


Usually we would be holding a meeting to share information of the test, the process, results and key dates for applications. However, this is not possible at present, but the information is available on the following link:




Guidance on secondary school admissions 2022/23 should be released in the summer term 2021.


Following the success of last year’s classes, I am pleased to inform you that we will be running 11+ preparation sessions for Year 5 children, but they will look slightly different this year. They will take the form of a pre-recorded video, delivered by a CHJS teacher. These sessions will aim to assist children in developing those skills required for the 11+ selective test, and will be available to view and revisit on Teams, weekly, after half term.


Please understand that this is not tutoring, but a familiarisation and preparation offer, which will require your child to practice in their own time if they choose to participate in the 11+ selective test. Please share this link with your children when having a discussion about this process.




Tasks will be set at the end of each session and reviewed at the beginning of the next session. Please find the useful links below to help your child practice the skills and techniques.