Active Lives Survey

Pupils in Year 6 have been invited to take part in the Active Lives survey, undertaken each year by Active Essex.


The Health and Wellbeing of the residents of Greater Essex is our priority and Active Essex are able to obtain insight from the national Active Lives Survey for adults and also via their online ‘Essex State of Life Survey’.  This is currently providing key information on all aspects of health and wellbeing, habits, motivations and current trends for people at this time.  Active Essex are able to use this information to shape their offer and to work with their partners to align resources and respond to need.


In order to ensure they are able to do the same for our young people, it has been agreed following national consultation that Active Essex will continue with the Active Lives survey for children and young people this term.

Active Essex fully respect the current difficulties and pressures on schools at this time,  and the survey questions have been updated to ensure they are relevant and reflect current climate. We are expecting the majority of pupils to complete this at home (with parental support where required).  However, if your child is attending school then they will complete the survey within the school setting.


If you wish for your child to complete the survey, they need to follow the link below:


Thank you for your continued support.