PG Rated Film – Year 3

As part of our ‘Do you believe in magic?’ topic next half term, we would like to watch clips from the PG rated film ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. We will be using clips to inspire our learning throughout the topic and we plan to give the children the opportunity to watch the film, in its entirety, at the end of the topic.


We always consider the clips we use carefully to make sure they are appropriate for their purpose and audience. If you wish to see more information on why the film has a PG rating, then details can be found on the British Board of Film Classification website here:


We will be watching clips throughout the half term, with the first clips on our wow day on Monday 12th April to introduce the topic. These clips do not include any listed in the PG classification guidance.


Please indicate, by 12th April, by clicking on this link Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Permission Form if you are not happy for your child to watch the film.


Thank you for your continued co-operation.