Year 4 WOW Day

Next half term, Year 4’s topic will be ‘What makes a great warrior?’ in which we will be finding out about the invasion of Britain by the Anglo-Saxons. On Friday 16th April, we will be having a Saxon activity day where the children will have the opportunity to learn all about Saxon life.


To gain the most out of this day we would like the children to dress up as a person from the Anglo- Saxon period in Britain. Costumes need not be complicated — we suggest the following “homemade” alternatives:


A simple belted tunic, with or without sleeves; a cloak fastened on a right shoulder with a brooch (optional); trousers, either tucked into long socks or with string or braid crossed round the lower legs; boots or old leather laced shoes.




A long dress, skirt and blouse or tabard; headscarf; a cloak (mantle), fastened on the right shoulder with a brooch (optional).


Here are some useful (and ‘no-sewing’) websites that may help with the costume:

(Vikings and Anglo-Saxons were close in time and style – helmet not required!)


Class teachers will lead a variety of activities for the pupils to participate in on the day, including finding out about Saxon villages, looking at Saxon style, and carrying out drama activities.


Thank you for your continued support.