In school, we are continuously exploring exciting ways to support your child’s reading skills and develop a love of reading. We know that one of the toughest challenges, especially when you are looking for inspiration at home, is trying to find something that will engage and inspire your child to want to read. We have found ‘Book Trust’ to be a very useful website, here is the link:       

Within this section I would recommend looking at ‘Our Recommendations’ and ‘Book Finder’. ‘Book finder’ is especially helpful as it lets you select the age range and the topic (some fantastic non-fiction and poetry recommendations are made). Once you have made you choices, click on ‘show me my recommendations’ at the bottom of the page and a wide range of titles will appear. If you click on an individual title, it will then bring up more details and a summary of the book – a great way of finding something you really want!

If your child does use this website to select a book a read it, please let them bring it into school to share with the class – we love hearing about all the reading that is happening at home!