Answers for the Y6 Maths Booklet

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Supporting your child with their maths work

  • Remember that each child is different and celebrate their successes at their level.
    Don’t feel pressured if your child is not working as quickly as others or is making mistakes
    – it’s how we all learn.
  • When your child has finished a piece of work and has checked the answers, ask them if they can see where they went wrong and get them to explain it to you. If they can see their own mistake, they are unlikely to make it again. If they can’t see where they went wrong, go through the problem together.
  • Play games or short activities such as TT Rockstars/numbots at the beginning of a maths session to encourage a positive attitude to Maths
  • If your child is finding a subject/topic tricky, try the MyMaths website, find the topic and work through a ‘lesson’ activity rather than a homework task. The lessons are more directed and will model the different methods needed.
  • If your child is flying through the answers, ask them ‘Why is that the answer?’ to check whether they can explain a logical process, whether they are guessing or if there is a misconception that is causing them to make errors.
  • If you need any further help, check out the school website’s maths page:


Supporting your child with the basics when they are finding tasks tricky:

  • Use the MyMaths website ‘Lessons’ to work methodically through a given topic
  • Basic addition and subtraction of number bonds to 20. Pupils are slowed down when using their fingers for the basics.
  • Times tables and related division facts. The tests are available on the school website. The expectation is that by the end of year 4 pupils should be able to recall all of the times tables to 12 x 12
  • Doubling and halving
  • Games using playing cards and dice.
  • Search the App Store/Google Play for a range of maths games
  • We recommend Hit the Button (tables/bonds recall) and Puffin Academy (to access MyMaths on a tablet)


Challenging your child’s mastery of the topic:

  • Thinking Blocks – a website/app that develops understanding of bar modelling and techniques for solving worded/real life problems
  • Nrich website – contains a range of problem solving tasks to challenge their understanding (the stages link to Key Stages)
  • Get them involved in family life that involves maths
  • Shopping totals, discounts and money saved etc
  • Cooking – great for measures and ratios
  • Avoid creating a human calculator!