Short Term Governing Body to review the Accessibility Plan on an annual basis Clerk to add to agenda annually Annual GB Legislation adhered to.
Short Term School staff to ensure all relevant policies consider the implications of disability access. Whilst reviewing policies, consider and include measures to address disability access. As part of policy review Headteacher / Deputy Headteacher / Governors Policies are inclusive and reflect current legislation.
Short Term School staff are aware of the accessibility needs of disabled children, staff and


Annual review of staff, pupil and parent/carer needs.

Annual review of training need.

Training provided as appropriate.



Headteacher/Inclusion Manager Reviews carried out.

Disability issues are identified and addressed by staff.

Short Term Improve pupil awareness of

disabilities and ensure

always portrayed positively.

Take part in awareness



On-going Inclusion Team / Teachers Awareness initiatives are planned and take place
Short Term Ensure that we ask for all


access needs when joining school and at beginning of each school year.

Headteacher to bear in mind when recruiting new staff.

Parent/Carers to be

invited to discuss

access needs at first

consultation meeting of each school year.





Headteacher and all staff when receiving

new children

All access needs will be met wherever possible.
Short Term Ensure any pupil receiving treatment from serious medical condition has access to teaching and the curriculum when at home avoiding risk of contracting infection. Inclusion team to liaise with parent/carer to ensure a teaching program is in place.

Parents of other children to be reminded to inform school of any illness or infections in their children.

On-going Inclusion Team / Teacher Child access curriculm and recovery is not slowed down by infection from other pupils/staff.
Medium Term School needs to address

visual awareness of facilities available for accessibility

Expert to audit visual awareness of facilities and provide recommendations. On-going Headteacher/Business

Manager / Governors

Signage improved
Medium Term School to comply with DDA as far as reasonably possible. Expert to audit accessibility of school building and grounds.

Actions to be implemented.

On-going Headteacher/Business

Manager / Governors

School complies with DDA.
Long Term School to address the

accessibility to upper floor

and loft.

Switch Upper school classes to ground floor if required. On-going Headteacher Upper school disabled pupil/staff able to access first floor and loft rooms.
Short Term To continue to train staff to enable them to meet the needs of children with a range of SEN. Inclusion Manager to review the needs of children and provide access to appropriate training for staff. On-going Inclusion Manager / Teachers Staff trained as appropriate.
Short Term To ensure all children can access out of school activities and residential visits. Ensure all venues are DDA compliant. On-going Teachers Disabled children able to access school led out of school activities/residential visits.
Short Term Provide specialist equipment to promote participation in learning by all pupils. Provide appropriate equipment, e.g. pencil grips, headphones, writing slopes, etc. On-going Teachers / Inclusion Manager Children provided with appropriate tools.
Short Term To meet the needs of individuals during statutory tests. Special arrangements to be put in place where deemed appropriate by Inclusion Manager/Teacher. On-going Teachers / Inclusion Manager Barriers to success reduced wherever possible.
Short Term To ensure that all stakeholders can access necessary school information. Written information will be provided in alternative formats when necessary. On-going Business Manager / Headteacher Stakeholders with disabilities able to access information.