Mobile Phone Policy and Guidelines


It is recognised that some pupils take their mobile phones to school with them, and that parents wish their children to be able to do so.

If mobile phones are brought to school it is important that children, parents and carers realise that these are entirely the child’s responsibility and that they must look after them to ensure they are not lost or stolen.   Staff are not responsible for loss or damage of a child’s mobile phone.

The following conditions for use apply in Chalkwell Hall Junior School:

Can I keep my mobile phone on?

Mobile phones must be switched off, not on ‘silent’, and alarms disabled during the school day.

Can I use my mobile phone in school?

Phones are not permitted to be out in class or in the playground at any time for any reason.

What if I must make a telephone call?

You may ask at the school office for permission to use the land line.

I have recording facilities on my phone; can I use them to take photographs, record sound or video images?

You cannot use your mobile phone for photography or to record sound or video images at any time within the school, the playground, on school trips, or special events such as the school disco.  This also applies to parents, carers and all staff at Chalkwell Hall Junior School.

My parent or carer needs to speak to me.  How can this be done?

Parents and Carers may contact the school office at any time and talk to a member of staff who will relay the message to you.

Where can I keep my mobile phone?

Phones should be kept in school bags and out of sight.

Why should I follow these guidelines?

It is important that everyone follows these guidelines in the interests of safety and respect for others.

What happens if I do not follow the guidelines?

Your phone will be confiscated by your class teacher or the Deputy Headteacher.  Your parents will have to pick the phone up from the office at the end of the school day. Further indiscretions will be reported to the Headteacher, who will contact parents.



Approved in Sept 2017