Chalkwell Hall Junior School

Policy for Use of Photographs and Video in School



The purpose of this policy is to set out the school’s position in relation to use of photography and video in school by both staff and parents.


We believe that parents have the right to record memorable moments within their children’s school lives in photographs and/or video, where appropriate. In deciding whether or not it is appropriate to allow the use of photography and/or video it is important to ensure the protection of the children in our care.

There are occasions where it would not be appropriate for photographs to be taken of children in school, for example, when getting changed before or after a performance. It is therefore important that there are clear guidelines for the taking of images.

NB – The use of the word ‘images’ in this policy applies to both photography and video, although, in most cases only photographs are used.


There are many times in the school year when photography is used, including:

  • Performances and events (e.g. Christmas, sports day)
  • School trips and outings
  • Special occasions (school celebrations and parties)
  • Professional individual and class/school photographs
  • For the School Prospectus
  • To display within the school
  • For press releases
  • For the school website
  • For the school Twitter and Facebook pages


There are different ways in which these images will be used, i.e.:

  • Images taken and used personally by parents
  • Images which may be displayed in and around the school
  • Images which will be shared with others in the school community
  • Images which are available to a wider audience

This policy intends to clarify arrangements for the use of images and consent required in each of these circumstances.

Parents’ use of images

When parents attend events and performances within school, they may take photographs of their children for their own use. Photography/videoing will not be permitted in areas where children are changing into PE kits, etc.

Use of images within school

Parental permission will be sought through a consent form completed on admission to the school, for the use of photographic/video images within the school. Such images will only be displayed inside the school building, on our website, on the school’s social media platforms or for press releases. It is important to note that this category includes professionally taken class group photographs.

Sharing images with the school community

This includes images used within school publications such as school newsletters, to share information/celebrations with parents of children in the school. Parental permission will be given through the consent form completed on admission, for the use of images in these circumstances. Personal information, such as names, will not be included unless permission has been sought separately.

Sharing images with a wider audience

Images placed on the school website and social media platforms and photographs used within the press will only be used where it is of benefit to the school, e.g. in demonstrating an aspect of the school which is most effectively displayed with children in the picture. Examples of this might be: publicising school successes such as winning an award; showcasing events such as performances; and for visits made to the school by ‘VIPs’ such as the local MP or celebrities. Parental permission for such images will be through the admissions consent form unless personal information, such as pupil names, are to be used, in which case permission will be sought separately.


Parents of children attending the school will be asked to complete a consent form upon admission. This consent will be valid for the time the child attends the school.  Once consent has been received, the school will use images as permitted within this policy. No further consent will be sought by the school unless requesting permission to include a child’s name, e.g. in a newspaper article. Parents may change their consent options at any time.


Governors are responsible for the review of Local Authority guidance and advice to ensure that this policy remains appropriate.

The Headteacher is responsible for ensuring that images are used as set out in this policy with appropriate consent from parents, providing reminders as stated.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that images are used responsibly and are not published in the press without consent from the school.

NB – The school does not accept liability for parents who do not adhere to such requests.


Staff and Governors will review this policy every two years, taking into account advice and guidelines provided by local or national Government.

The Headteacher will monitor the implementation of this policy and will ensure that all staff are aware of its contents. Procedures set out within this policy will be maintained until the policy is reviewed. Any changes made to this policy will be communicated to parents as necessary.