Children experience many changes within their education. Our aim is to ensure that pupils are able to move from their KS1 school into Chalkwell Hall Juniors as successfully as possible and continue to move through KS2 in a happy and secure environment and be well prepared to move onto KS3.


Chalkwell Hall Junior School provides an inclusive school where children can reach their full potential as learners and young people. Consequently, the concerns of pupils and parents are at the centre of our transition process.

“When a seedling is transplanted from one place to another, the transplantation may be a stimulus or a shock. The careful gardener seeks to minimise shock so that the plant is reestablished as easily as possible.” Cleave, Jowett & Bate

Transition to Chalkwell Hall Junior School

  • Termly meetings between Year 2 and Year 3 staff. Autumn and Spring term to discuss how the new intake has settled in and KS1 assessments. Summer term to discuss the Year 2 children moving up in September. There are usually a series of meetings in the summer term.
  • Informal meetings are held throughout the year to discuss planning, topics, assessments.
  • Two transition days are planned for June. Year 2 visit the juniors and are taught by their Year 2 teacher in their new rooms. Every Year 3 teacher teaches Maths, English, PE and a foundation subject to each Year 2 class. Every Year 2 child also experiences Library time, ICT time, Singing assembly, Golden time and going to the school tuck shop.  Year 2 and 3 teachers also team teach during this two day period.
  • A transition meeting for parents is held in the summer term.
  • Curriculum meetings are held for new parents in the Autumn term as well as parents evenings.
  • A transition booklet, written by the children in Year 3, is given to all new children and their parents.
  • Exchange days involving the whole school are arranged every term. Classes from KS1 and KS2 partner up and spend a morning working together on joint projects.
  • Year 3 teachers observe Year 2 teachers teach.
  • Most of our children come from Chalkwell Hall Infants School, however, if we know of a child coming from another local school they are invited to our two day transition days and parents meetings.


  • In the first Autumn half term we assess all children given a Level 3 grade in English, Maths and Science. This is so we can fine grade each child at Level 3. There are occasions when we will also assess other children who we feel are not performing at their KS 1 level.

Transition from year to year within Chalkwell Hall Junior School

  • Every class displays the school RESPECT rules which are consistent throughout the school.
  • Children meet their new teacher twice in the summer term – once for a ‘Meet the teacher and children’ session where class rules are established and once more to discuss possible topics to be studied during the year.
  • During the summer term an informal parents evening is held where the parents and the child can come in and meet the new teacher.
  • A Curriculum evening for parents is held for all year groups at the beginning of each year.
  • Teachers keep detailed records of each child and these are discussed with the new teacher during dedicated staff meeting time.
  • Previous teachers set up intervention groups for the new year so all children not making expected progress are highlighted.

Transition from Chalkwell Hall Junior School to Secondary schools

  • In Year 5 and 6 we run a ‘Transferring to Secondary school’ meeting for all parents.
  • Support is offered to those parents who need assistance in filling in the Transfer forms.
  • Verbal reasoning lessons are held in Year 6 to support those children wishing to take the 11+.
  • For 6 weeks, at 8am, 11+ lessons are held for those children who have requested support.
  • Year 6 teachers meet with all the feeder secondary school and discuss the academic and social needs of each child going to attend the school.
  • We arrange visits to many local Secondary schools so our children can experience working in a secondary school.
  • We give out to all our children ’Transferring to Secondary school’ leaflets.
  • In Maths and English we follow the bridging units between Year 6 and 7.
  • Secondary School Staff also visit Chalkwell to meet their new intake of pupils.
  • Induction Days are run by all Secondary schools during July.


  • Some children will need a more detailed and personal transition plan. This will be created for each child in consultation with the child, their family, class teacher and their new class teacher or new school.


The success of the transition provision is monitored by the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher.