Primary Sports Premium 2019/20

Chalkwell Hall Junior School holds PE and sport in very high regard; we see it as an opportunity to instil in pupils a love of exercise, competition and teamwork. Our aim is to give as many pupils as possible the chance to participate in extra-curricular activities, the opportunity to represent their school and the best curricular PE provision that we can. The school has received approximately £16,000 in funding to promote and enhance the sports offer at primary level.

We have decided to spend the money in these areas at Chalkwell Hall Junior School:

  • On increasing the skills of teachers to deliver high quality PE lessons
  • On increasing the level of participation for our students in extra-curricular clubs
  • On transport to sporting events to increase participation levels
  • On purchasing new equipment to provide new opportunities for students
  • On purchasing and developing a new scheme of work for PE

We have funded the support of SPSSA coaches, a specialist dance teacher and also Southend United football coaches to further enhance our extra-curricular provision ensuring a greater number of pupils have the opportunity to participate in sports clubs.

We also buy into the services of the SPSSA who organise and run the many sports competitions that our pupils enjoys participating in.

Mr Steve Robinson – Head of PE
October 2019

Sports Funding 2018/2019