Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum Map

Year group Term Topic/theme details  Resources
Year 3

Autumn 1

Safe Relationships

·         What is appropriate to share with friends, classmates, family and wider social groups including online
·         about what privacy and personal boundaries are, including online
·         basic strategies to help keep themselves safe online e.g. passwords, using trusted sites and adult supervision
·         that bullying and hurtful behaviour is unacceptable in any situation
·         about the effects and consequences of bullying for the people involved
·         about bullying online, and the similarities and differences to face-to-face bullying
·         what to do and whom to tell if they see or experience bullying or hurtful behaviour
Year 3

Autumn 2

Families and Frienships

·         to recognise and respect that there are different types of families, including single parents, same-sex parents, step-parents, blended families, foster and adoptive parents
·         that being part of a family provides support, stability and love
·         about the positive aspects of being part of a family, such as spending time together and caring for each other
·         about the different ways that people can care for each other e.g. giving encouragement or support in times of difficulty
·         to identify if/when something in a family might make someone upset or worried
·         what to do and whom to tell if family relationships are making them feel unhappy or unsafe
Year 3

Summer 1

Growing and Changing

·         that everyone is an individual and has unique and valuable contributions to make
·         to recognise how strengths and interests form part of a person’s identity
·         how to identify their own personal strengths and interests and what they’re proud of (in school, out of school)
·         to recognise common challenges to self -worth e.g. finding school work difficult, friendship issues
·         basic strategies to manage and reframe setbacks e.g. asking for help, focusing on what they can learn from a setback, remembering what they are good at, trying again
Year 3 Summer 1 My changing body: NSPCC Keeping Children Safe and The Underwear Rule
How boys’ and girls’ bodies change. NSPCC Pants Lessons
·         understand and learn the PANTS rules
·         name body parts and know which parts should be private
·         know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch
·         understand that they have the right to say “no” to unwanted touch
·         start thinking about who they trust and who they can ask for help