In line with the National Curriculum, pupils in Year 4 will be taught the Relationship and Sex Education unit of work; Growing and Changing; Reproduction, Birth and puberty.

The sessions will be held separately for boys and girls.

Children will have the opportunity to ask questions, so we can address any concerns or worries that they may have, as well as having an opportunity to write about what they already know.

If you would like to view the materials and resources we will be presenting, ahead of your child taking part in this unit of work, please follow the following links:


Year 4 RSE Lesson 1 Human Reproduction

Year 4 RSE Boys Lesson 2

Year 4 RSE Girls Lesson 2


Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum Map

Year group Term Topic/theme details  Resources
Year 4

Autumn 1

Safe Relationships

·         What is appropriate to share with friends, classmates, family and wider social groups, including online, about what privacy and personal boundaries are, including online PSHE Association – Curriculum and Resources – KS2 Internet Safety
·         basic strategies to help keep themselves safe online e.g. passwords, using trusted sites and adult supervision
·         that bullying and hurtful behaviour is unacceptable in any situation
·         about the effects and consequences of bullying for the people involved
·         about bullying online, and the similarities and differences to face-to-face bullying
·         what to do and whom to tell if they see or experience bullying or hurtful behaviour
Year 4 ·         how to identify external genitalia and reproductive RSE Lesson 1 Human Reproduction

Summer 2

Growing and Changing

·         about the physical and emotional changes during puberty
·         key facts about the menstrual cycle and menstrual wellbeing, erections and wet dreams Reproductive Body Parts Activity Sheet
·         strategies to manage the changes during puberty including menstruation
·         the importance of personal hygiene routines during puberty including washing regularly and using deodorant Boys Lesson 2
·         how to discuss the challenges of puberty with a trusted adult
·         how to get information, help and advice about puberty Girls Lesson 2