In line with the National Curriculum, and to ensure that pupils in Year 5 have had full coverage of the Relationship and Sex Education unit of work; Growing and Changing from Year 4 and Year 5 (due to learning missed during the first lockdown) we will be covering the following topics:


Human reproduction and Pantosaurus

Changes in boys/changes in girls

Changes in emotions



The sessions will be held separately for boys and girls.

Children will have the opportunity to ask questions, so we can address any concerns or worries that they may have, as well as having an opportunity to write about what they already know.


If you would like to view the materials and resources we will be presenting, ahead of your child taking part in this unit of work, please follow the following links:


RSE Human Reproduction Powerpoint

RSE Underwear Rule Resources Pants Powerpoint

RSE Changes in Girls Powerpoint

RSE Changes in Boys Powerpoint

RSE FGM PowerPoint



Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum Map

Year group Term Topic/theme details  Resources
Year 5 

Autumn 1

Safe Relationships

·         to identify what physical touch is acceptable, unacceptable, wanted or unwanted in different
·         how to ask for, give and not give permission for physical contact
·         how it feels in a person’s mind and body when they are uncomfortable
·         that it is never someone’s fault if they have experienced unacceptable contact
·         how to respond to unwanted or unacceptable physical contact
·         that no one should ask them to keep a secret that makes them feel uncomfortable or try to persuade them to keep a secret they are worried about
·         whom to tell if they are concerned about unwanted physical contact
Year 5

Summer 2

Growing and Changing

·         about personal identity and what contributes to it, including race, sex, gender, family, faith, culture, hobbies, likes/dislikes Human Reproduction Lesson Presentation
·         that for some people their gender identity does not correspond with their biological sex
·         how to recognise, respect and express their individuality and personal qualities Changes in Boys
·         ways to boost their mood and improve emotional wellbeing
·         about the link between participating in interests, hobbies and community groups and mental wellbeing Changes in Girls
·         Puberty: Changes in Boys
·         Puberty: Changes in Girls
Year 5

Summer 2

Keeping Safe

·         that female genital mutilation (FGM) is against British law¹ FGM PowerPoint
·         what to do and whom to tell if they think they or someone they know might be at risk of FGM