In line with the National Curriculum, pupils in Year 6 will be taught the Relationship and Sex Education unit of work; Growing and Changing; Reproduction, Birth and puberty.

The sessions will be held separately for boys and girls.

Children will have the opportunity to ask questions, so we can address any concerns or worries that they may have, as well as having an opportunity to write about what they already know.

If you would like to view the materials and resources we will be presenting, ahead of your child taking part in this unit of work, please follow the following link:


Year 6 Boys RSE Powerpoint

Year 6 Girls RSE Powerpoint


Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum Map

Year group Term Topic/theme details  Resources
Year 6

Autumn 1

Safe Relationships

·         to compare the features of a healthy and unhealthy friendship
·         about the shared responsibility if someone is put under pressure to do something dangerous and something goes wrong
·         strategies to respond to pressure from friends including online
·         how to assess the risk of different online ‘challenges’ and ‘dares’
·         how to recognise and respond to pressure from others to do something unsafe or that makes them feel worried or uncomfortable
·         how to get advice and report concerns about personal safety, including online
·         what consent means and how to seek and give/not give permission in different situations
Year 6 Summer 1 ·         to recognise some of the changes as they grow up e.g. increasing independence Boys RSE Powerpoint
·         about what being more independent might be like, including how it may feel
·         about the transition to secondary school and how this may affect their feelings Girls RSE Powerpoint
·         about how relationships may change as they grow up or move to secondary school
·         practical strategies that can help to manage times of change and transition e.g. practising the bus route to secondary school
·         identify the links between love, committed relationships and conception
·         what sexual intercourse is, and how it can be one part of an intimate relationship between consenting adults
·         how pregnancy occurs i.e. when a sperm meets an egg and the fertilised egg settles into the lining of the womb
·         that pregnancy can be prevented with contraception
·         about the responsibilities of being a parent or carer and how having a baby changes someone’s life