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Please follow the steps below when reading with your child.

  • Ask your child to tell you about the story so far. If they are reading a new book, look at the cover together and predict what the story may be about. Ask them to explain their choice of book.
  • Listen to your child read. If they become stuck on a word there are a number of strategies that could help with decoding:
  1. Encourage them to ‘sound talk it’ (ie use phonological knowledge to break it down into its smallest sound parts; for example s-ou-n-d not s-o-u-n-d);
  2. Break the word into syllables;
  3. Look for known elements within words;
  4. Use knowledge of prefixes and suffixes;
  5. Read on;
  6. Think about the context and use illustrations;
  7. If they misread a word, point out the mistake but give them the opportunity to self-correct (e.g. ‘that isn’t …….. why don’t you try again’).
  • At suitable points ask your child about the book:
  1. Finding information: Find me a word which means… How many…? Give me an example… Which character…?
  2. Reading between the lines: Why did he feel…? What might this character have been thinking? What is the character’s attitude towards…?
  3. Organisation: Why is that word in italics? How does the diagram make it easier to understand? How does the conclusion link back to the introduction?