Chalkwell Hall Junior School – Remote Learning


Each year group will have daily ‘Assignments’ which contain work for those isolating at home. Each assignment will only be there for that day, closing at 3.30pm, to ensure that teachers can give feedback if required. Each day’s assignment will include a Maths and an English lesson, along with a reading task, a topic lesson and ideas for other challenges. The Maths and English lessons will be exactly the same as those taught in school on the day, and the other activities will be as closely linked as possible to what is being taught in school.


As a school we would like to assure you that this offer is significantly different in intention to the offer during the lockdown. At the core of every lesson will be the resources created and delivered by our teachers in school. Resources like the Oak Academy and MyMaths will only be used where their explanations and activities would help to further explain or enhance the lessons for someone at home without a teacher there in person.


You may see the assignments are set by someone who is not your child’s teacher, but please be assured that all work ‘turned in’ by your child will be looked at by your child’s own teacher and feedback given as necessary. Sometimes this will be a positive acknowledgement of their work, and at other times more specific feedback will be given, just as they would if they were in school.


Where required, teachers will set separate assignments for individuals on the SEND register who require an adapted or alternative curriculum in school. In this situation, your child may see two assignments, one personal and the general class lessons, but it will be made clear which is the one adapted for your child.


The ‘Assignments’ will be visible to all pupils, but only need to be completed by those isolating at home. Children who have been in school should only be completing homework assignments.


What do families need to do to be ready for this?


So that we can give your child access to the same Maths textbooks and workbooks as we use in school, families will need to sign up for Maths No Problem’s parent portal. The login will allow you to access the resources for your child’s current year and the year before, as sometimes lessons are revisiting work missed last year due to the lockdown.


To set up your login, please follow the web link below and enter your child’s access code.


We have endeavoured to make this as easy as possible for families with multiple children at the school, by setting up each family to have access to all the textbooks and workbooks their children need though a single access code. If you suspect you have not got the correct access for all of your family, please let us know.


Sign-up link


Access Code: Please use the link provided in the letter sent out on 17th September 2020.


Working together


As a school, we are confident that our use of Teams will help support pupils and families to maintain a link to education should they find themselves in isolation. However, we know that to achieve this we all need to work together to identify the strengths and areas for improvement as we get the system fully up and running.


There will always be some issues with a new system working on this scale, and I would like to thank parents who have already got in touch to highlight any challenges they are facing. I would also like to thank our staff team in school who are working hard to address any challenges as soon as they can, as well as talking to their classes about how to use Teams safely and sensibly.


Should you encounter any technical issues accessing Teams, including limited or no access to the Internet or suitable devices to work on, it is really important that you let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible. This way, we can work with you to find solutions to the issue so that all our pupils can easily access our remote learning platform, should it be needed.


It is very likely that it will take time for everyone to become confident with the way Teams works, and this includes our school team too. By working together positively, I am sure that Teams will become an invaluable resource for the school community whenever a family need it over the coming months.


Thank you for your continued support.


To see a YouTube video on how to use Teams, please see below: