Chalkwell Hall Junior School – Learning at Home


New activities and links will be added to our website and shared on Facebook ( to help keep your children stimulated, engaged and learning at home while we can’t be open.


If you want to play Monopoly one day rather than do the maths, give your children the chance to watch a whole series of Blue Planet, teach them how to hoover or cut in around windows and skirting boards because you suddenly have free labour, have a water fight in the garden because it is sunny, build a fort, bake a cake, whatever – then do it!





  • 30 minutes reading aloud to an adult and discuss what you have read.
  • If your child uses Lexia in school, they can log in at home as well to complete activities. (School email:
  • Go to and complete the “question time” activity. This could be done as a discussion with an adult.



  • Go to and complete the “sentence challenge” and “sick sentences”
  • Then choose a “story starter” to continue and make it your own as a short fiction story or piece of non-fiction writing, such as an explanation, diary or newspaper report


Creative Homework Ideas

Literacy Investigative Creative


Write a poem based on Daffodils by William Wordsworth ( , or a haiku about something in nature that we see in spring (


Create an Easter-egg style hunt around your house that uses clues to find the next one. For an extra challenge, can you write the clues as rhyming couplets.


Write a letter to school about what you have been doing during your time at home, any messages you have for those you haven’t been able to see at school and any ideas for future challenges for others to complete at home. Please send them in and we will try to include as many ideas as possible on our website and on future creative homework.


Investigate the life cycle of an animal of your choice. Present the information you find in a way of your choice – PowerPoint, poster, model etc.



How are Easter Eggs/Crème Eggs made? Investigate the manufacturing process and how they are packaged and transported to a shop.


Investigate different PE activities that you could complete at home to stay active. Create a weekly plan that includes a warm up, main activity and cool down.

Invent your own board game! What will the theme be? How many players? Use an existing game as an idea to start from if you wish


Make an Easter-inspired cake, and get a picture of the finished product.


Using recycled materials, create a model or mask of an animal of your choice.



The activities on change each day, with a different picture prompt and challenges to match the picture. Feel free to choose a different day’s activities if you prefer.


Please note that because we are working with greatly reduced numbers of staff, we will not be in a position to take work in or give feedback during the time that we are shut to the majority of pupils. Our focus is on making sure that we can stay open with a skeleton staffing structure to accommodate the children of key workers and vulnerable children.