Year 5  Summer – Second Half Term 2022        ‘How extreme can the earth be? ’ 


Year Group Who’s Who (and where to find us)
The Year 5 class teachers are:

5JW – Mrs J Walkom       (Head of Year)                                                    5AF – Mr Fleming
5JT – Mrs J Thompson                                                                                  5GB – Miss Brady
5SH – Mr S Halsall


In addition Year 5 are supported by :

Mrs Beck                                                                                                          Mrs Skurr

Miss Dean                                                                                                      Miss Amour

Mrs Porter                                                                                                     Mrs Clarkson



What will we be learning about in school this half term?



Maths is now being taught in sets. We have three challenge sets and two support sets. All sets cover the same lessons but vary in pace, challenge and adult support. An additional half an hour will be added to our normal Friday session to focus on arithmetic skills.


This half of term our learning focus is:

  • Perimeter and area
  • Roman numerals
  • Volume


Homework will be set every Friday, which may be on paper or through the MyMaths website or as an expectation to participate in a TT Rockstars challenge.  TT Rockstars is also recommended to be used generally, to develop their times tables knowledge and speed, several times a week.



English skills will be taught in variety of ways, including specific lessons and through cross-curricular words.

In addition to the genres below we teach regular spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons and reading comprehension.

  • Poetry – List poems/weather based
  • Narrative – Stories around a theme/following a journey
  • Non-fiction – Weather reports


Spelling homework is set weekly. Children encouraged to learn given words using the ‘look, cover, write, check’ strategy and investigate spelling patterns given. Reading comprehension homework will now be set weekly. This will be posted on Teams on a Friday for completion by the following Friday.



This half term the children will be studying ‘Life cycles of humans’, including finding about the difference gestation periods of different mammals and the changes they experience throughout their lifetime.


Foundation Studies


We teach a range of subjects through our Creative Curriculum approach including:


  • Geography – the water cycle, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes.
  • Computing – digital media and databases
  • Music – Looping and remixing
  • E – Dodgeball and rounders
  • PSHE– Medicines, bacteria and diseases. Relationship and Sex Education
  • E– Five pillars of Islam
  • Art – research and explore techniques of influential artists


Please click on the homework tab on the school website for our homework policy and suggestions for creative homework tasks for this topic

We expect all the children in this year to work hard. We have high expectations and hope you will support us, you can do this by:


Organisational aspects

  • Ensuring that your child is at school on time and dressed appropriately;
  • Make sure that your child has a PE kit which is clearly labelled;
  • All children may bring a healthy snack;
  • Encourage your child to be prepared for the school day with the correct equipment.


Educational aspects

  • Ensure your child reads every single day for at least fifteen minutes, preferably to an adult
  • Encourage your child to research other words that match the week’s spelling rules, as well as learning the words sent home
  • Mathematics, encourage your child to practise the 4 operations (+, -, ÷, x), learn tables

and use mathematical skills in everyday life, eg time and money.


Communication with your child’s class teacher can be made through the class email. If you wish to make a longer appointment please telephone the school office and this can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Kind regards,

The Year 5 Team


Year 5 Learning Journey Summer 2 2022

Year 5 Creative Homework Summer 2 2022